50 for 50 – Dubai water canal

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50 km for 50 years of United Arab Emirates. – The journey from the famous Burj al Arab to the Etihad museum is precisely 50 km long and the United Arab Emirates are celebrating their 50 years since their establishment on 2. December.

Dubai water canal

The most famous water route in Dubai, that keeps the city centre connected to the sea. Pride of Dubai and a tourist attraction, that to this day hasn’t been swum by anyone.

24 hour swim

The duration of the swim is 24 hours, so there is enough time for stops, small events and communication with the media.
And of course, not many people can swim for 24 hours, practically non-stop.


With Martin’s simbolic swim in Dubai, our goal is to alert people of the importance of sustainable relationship towards clean waters.

implementation and purpose

Event will start on 9.12.2021 in the afternoon, with the exhibition in Slovenia’s pavillon on Expo 2020, organised by Spirit Slovenia. Expo is, since year 1851, the best that the world economy has to offer. It’s a space to share knowledge, experience and seek answers to the challenges of humanity. The theme of the Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. With three subthemes: opportunity, mobility and SUSTAINABILITY, which is also the main theme of all Martin’s projects.

The purpose of the swim is:

  • Honor the aniversary of the host country (UAE)
  • Business integration
  • Bonding the Slovenia and UAE relationship
  • Promotion of Slovenia
  • Presentation of the “World swim” project

Partners & Sponsors of the project:



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